Saturday, May 16, 2009

My Girls

Had to post this picture of me and my girls!  I was so excited that April and Tom and Emily and Derek came to celebrate Jordan's birthday with us today.  We try to all get together every few months because we all live so far apart.  It makes me sad that my closest friends are so far away...but I love that when we do get to hang out we have as much fun as if we did see each other everyday!  

It's so much fun to laugh about fun memories and to be able to make new ones.  Jordan had a blast being the center of attention and gave out hugs to everyone.  Chad got to play Wii with someone other than me.  I got to go to Target and get Starbucks with Emily and April.  It was an awesome day.  Can't wait until we get together again!
April, Jen, and Emily

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