Saturday, May 23, 2009

Chicago Craft Social

Last night, Kathy and Silvia and I went to the Chicago Craft Social.  It was an ingenious event and I would totally go again!  It was so simple but so perfect at the same time.  Basically, it was a bunch of crafters all gathered in a giant room with tables to work.  Some people graciously brought other projects for people to work on and there was great food.  One crafter made extra sticky rice krispie treats with little toothpick cards with labels on them!  It was awesome!           
Here is Silvia working on one of the projects!  It was her birthday!  Happy Birthday, Silvia!
Here are Kathy and I!  My pictures uploaded as "small" so it's hard to tell, but I'm holding my clothespins (scroll down!).  

This was the first project we chose and it was so simple but so much fun!  I'm so going to frame this and put it in my office at school.  I'm going to add the letters r-e-a-d in the yellow squares!

This is a magnetic bookmark.  It was so simple and quick to make but it was sooooo cute!  Can't wait to use it on all my new library books!  I had fun meeting and chatting with Cindy who provided this craft.  She was really nice!  I just checked out her blog and I love the crafty ideas!

This kind of gives you an idea of what the tables looked like.  This was the table for our "Paper-embellished Clothespins".  You can see our clothespins hooked onto the sides!

And here are the clothespins in action on our fridge!!!!!  Gotta love it!  I am definitely going to make more bookmarks and clothespins!

I was definitely inspired to do some simple but fun crafts and even just to get together with friends to craft again.  We all had our sights on duct tape wallets we didn't have time to make!!!

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Laura said...

Love the crafts! You amaze me with all you do. You seem to balance life so perfectly!