Sunday, May 10, 2009

Danny Gokey Video

Here is my little video montage of Danny Gokey on Friday.  I have been searching for any footage from the AT&T store but nothing comes up.  The Fox 6 News website from Milwaukee has tons of footage of everywhere that Danny went on Friday EXCEPT for the AT&T store!  It doesn't make any sense.  I'm really hoping that means American Idol will use some of that footage, but I'm not sure.  

He really was there for a short time and didn't say much, he didn't sing either.  He talked about his voice and asked everyone to go to his concert.  He would stop and sign autographs and then would get sucked into doing that before he would talk again!  His grandmother was there with a sign that had a picture of him with his wife that he went over to look at...that's what he says is beautiful.  At the end, he actually comes over to us and we were trying to get him to sign an autograph...if you listen, you can hear Chad begging him for an autograph.  In the end, we got a signed professional picture signed!!!! 


Kathy Lou said...

That is SO GREAT!! You guys had a great adventure! What a great experience. I caught some of the AT&T footage on TV, but it was super brief and didn't show much crowd. I bet it's on the show next week.
Good work!!

Laura said...

I'M SO JEALOUS! You guys are the coolest. I wish I could go to the idol party. So bummed.