Thursday, May 21, 2009


Most Recently Read Book:


By Scott Westerfeld

Loved this book!  This book made all the other books in this series worth reading.  I still thought it was a tiny bit plot-missing at the very end, but overall, I liked this book a lot.  Extras is the 4th book in the Uglies series.  I had high hopes for the series and was a little bit disappointed but I really like how this book tied them all together.  I read somewhere that this book is not technically part of the series because Tally Youngblood, the main character in all the other books, is not the main character in this one, but I think if you have read the other three it's worth it to read this one!  This book takes place three years after the "mind rain" that Tally causes.  It's interesting to see the evolution of the world through these books, according to Westerfeld, at least.  I actually felt more connected to the main character in this book.  I only wish that in the end she would have officially changed more than what is suggested just to teach a lesson, but I still liked the ending.  

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