Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Book Whisperer

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The Book Whisperer

By Donalyn Miller

I can't remember how I heard of this book but doesn't it just sound entrancing?  I was so excited to pick it up from my library and I have been thinking about reading it every chance I get.  I love books that have you itching to get back to them when you are stuck doing something else.  This was such a book.  Now, I have to say, I'm a teacher, so that's probably why this was so intriguing to me, but I think as a parent it was worthwhile to read, too.  

I am a huge reader, for many reasons, but most recently because of a consultant who has worked with my school district since last school year.  He would come and start off a workshop telling us about what he was reading.  I would leave with a list of books I was dying to go home and read.  He instilled in me the idea that I should be reading juvenile/young adult fiction so that when I could talk to my students about what they are reading I can recommend books for them.  I knew what my students were reading, but I knew I could be reading more...so that's what I did.  I have focused on reading as much children's/young adult literature as I can.  I summarize/comment on the books on my blog to keep track of books I have read and I have a list of books that I read every month.  In 2008, I read 87 books and already in 2009 I have read 52 books.  Just like Miller says in The Book Whisperer I find time everywhere to read.  I listen to books on CD in my car and snatch up books any free moment...my husband complains that what I consider a "free moment" could also be considered "house cleaning moments" but I tend to disagree.

I love this book because she talks about how just getting kids to read and giving them time to read and being a book lover with them and role modeling reading can truly help kids.  It wasn't a short book but I read it easily and quickly because the writing is very readable and it all makes sense.  To me, anyway.  I was able to recognize the cool stuff I am doing with my students and I also got some new ideas for what I am definitely going to do with my students next year.  Now I'm just waiting for the library in my students' neighborhood to open from a year-long remodeling so I can get them in there and get them reading.  

Miller talks about building a classroom library.  I have a great collection of books, but I could definitely use more!  If anyone has any gently used books you want to send my way I would gladly accept them!   

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