Thursday, January 15, 2009

Due to Inclement Weather...

...Mom got to stay home with Jordy today!  We were sad that Daddy had to go to work today, but we had a fun mother-son bonding day!  

First thing to do on a day off?  Make pancakes!  I made just a regular pancake batter with some cinnamon and Cool Whip, of course!  Jordan loved them.  We did also have oranges with our pancakes for a little bit of healthiness.  Jordan also had blueberries that Chad gave him before he left.  Jordan had fun sitting on the couch with his eehee while I made up some yummy pancakes.  I love not having to get dressed and leave the house first thing in the morning! 

I love the Shel Silverstein poem about the girl who wants the pancake that's all the way on the bottom.  A stack of pancakes is just a beautiful thing!
I think I've got Jordan hooked on pancakes!  He loves the Cool Whip part the best!
Yum!  (Can you tell this wasn't my first pancake...or my last?)
See!  We did eat oranges!
Then we spent the rest of the morning playing downstairs, upstairs, in Jordy's bedroom and reading on Mommy and Daddy's bed.  We did do some painting and get pretty messy...and then we took a bath!  Jordan is now taking a nap.  Gotta love naps.  I had so much fun spending the day with my kiddo.  He's a fun kid!  (Yes, he's standing in his potty!)


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Kathy Lou said...

Don't you love "snow" days? Maddy and I made pancakes on Monday. Marc has finals this week so his schedule is a little bit more flexible, in the mornings at least. We have had breakfast together several times, which is really nice. It was pretty cold today, brrrr! We still ventured out for library time- can't miss that!