Monday, January 19, 2009

Operation Giving Part Two

I'm not sure what happened to my pictures but I was trying to be creative and they went all funky on me!  You can see them at least...they're just all over the place!

I started off the week giving some of these homemade chocolate covered pretzels...with sprinkles!

I had these two books that I only read once that I passed along to a librarian at one of my schools.


Our book club was at Cheesecake Factory this month so I brought Chad a slice of Fresh Strawberry Cheesecake.  (I'm not sure this counts because he asked me to bring him a slice, but I was kind of already thinking I would bring him a slice...and I did use my own money to buy it, so...)

I also gave out some bookmarks that I sewed a while ago...but I realized I didn't take a picture!  They were really least I thought they were!  They were cotton fabric pieces sewn together.  The colors were white, pink, yellow, and red, and I appliqued red felt hearts on them.  I'm making them sound way more complicated than they were to make!

This was the most fun and completely surprising even to me...on Saturday I met my mom, grandma, and aunt at the mall to do some shopping (oh! totally part of my more-family-time resolution!) and I stopped at Baskin Robbins to get some ice cream.  They had soft serve cones for only 59 cents, so I decided to get one of those.  The guy in front of my ordered two soft serve cones for 59 cents and then upgraded his cone to a chocolate-dipped cone with sprinkles.  Yum!  When he pulled out his credit card the cashier told him they only take cash.  The dude was bummed because he didn't have any cash and was about to go see if his friend had any cash when I decided, hey!  I can pay for his ice cream!  It was completely random and nothing like that has ever happened to me before but it was so fun to say I would pay for his ice creams.  He, of course, didn't want to have me pay for his ice cream, but I was only a few dollars.  
I found this cute sweatshirt to send 
to my cousin's daughter in Guatemala.  I just happened to pass it in Target and I thought it was so cute. I love the girly stuff!   

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Kathy Lou said...

Maddy and I loved our chocolate pretzels- yum-o!
Marc was just reading this over my shoulder and said, "Chocolate pretzels? What chocolate pretzels? Wait a minute, wait a minute!"