Saturday, January 31, 2009

Fresh Fruit

Jordan and I have been looking through old posts from our blog and our friend Kathy's blog lately.  He loves to see the pictures and either call out someone's name or whatever is in the picture.  His favorite part is when there are movies.  He makes me watch them over and over again.  Today we were looking at a picture of flamingos and he asked me if, "Watch it."  I had to explain that not all the pictures are movies.  It was cute.  

We saw a picture from last summer when Jordan was eating a big piece of watermelon.  I miss watermelon!  I miss summer fruit and farmer's markets!  I am so happy that today is the last day of January...I feel like February is just a little closer to summer.  

The melons will be coming in soon...I bought some pears the last time we were at Target so I had one of those today.  Here's my fun apple corer that I love love love.  Slices are way better than eating it off the core or cutting my own slices.  

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Kathy Lou said...

This picture looks like art. You should frame it!