Monday, January 19, 2009

Twice Upon a Marigold

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Twice Upon a Marigold

By Jean Ferris

Loved it!  This was a great book!  It was a perfect sequel to Once Upon a Marigold, which I also loved.  Basically, this book is a modern day fairy tale...well, it's still set in the past but it's just a new version of a fairy tale, I guess?  The fairy tale ideas are there but it's not like any fairy tale you know.  It's not a fractured fairy tale.  

What I really love about this book is that in the first book it's all they-live-happily-ever-after...but in this book you get to see what their life is like when they live happily ever after, and it's not just all perfect in ever after.  I think it's so important to let kids know life isn't a movie all the time and that whoever you prince is, he can't be sweeping you off your feet at every moment, it's just not like that.  I think I have realized that more and more now that we have a son.  We're so busy and we get so caught up with life and with taking care of Jordan that there's not as much time to just focus on each other so it definitely doesn't feel like I'm a glittery princess all the time.  This book puts a little spin on the idea of happily ever after in that it doesn't promise everything will be perfect forever...which is so true to life!  Love it!  I think every girl should read this book!  (And the one that comes before it!)

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