Saturday, January 24, 2009

Hanging with the G-People!

Because we decided to go to the Bulls game last night, my mom picked up Jordan and took him to their house.  We already had plans to go over to our friends' house tonight so Jordan will be there again tonight.  Chad had a basketball game to coach so I picked up my grandma and took him over to my parents' house so she could hang out with them and Jordan...and so I could see my munchkin for at least a little bit.  It was fun when I walked in and he shouted, "Mommy!"  I love that!  Chad felt awful that he couldn't go see him and Jordan was asking about him.  It's so sweet.  Jordan and Papa had a whole train set set up in the living room.  It was fun!  

We had a nice soup lunch: broccoli cheese soup and pea soup.  Yum!  

Mamita and me
Papa, Jordan, and Gama!

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Aunt Jacquie said...

Awww that family! :D fun stuff! It's so fun to spend time with Mamita and the grand parents :)