Saturday, March 13, 2010

Among the Hidden

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Among the Hidden

By Margaret Peterson Haddix

Have you ever read a book, you tell someone you're reading it, and then they tell you they aren't going to say anything? Doesn't that just make you crazy to read it find out what happens? I was about halfway through this book when it happened to me...and I have to say it was as crazy as the person suggested it might be.

I've decided I'm going to read this with my 5th grader to introduce her to science fiction...the future, dystopic society kind of science fiction. I am really excited because this book is very thought-provoking. It's about a boy who is the 3rd child in his family...except, in the world he lives in, 3rd children are illegal. He has been in hiding since he was born, and more recently he's had to stay inside his house because of all the new housing near his house. I can't imagine living like that but it reminds me so much of the Holocaust and even segregation and slavery and more recently, the population law in China and the state of affairs in places like Afghanistan. Great book to get kids thinking about society and how people are treated.

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