Sunday, March 28, 2010

Piper Reed: The Great Gypsy

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Piper Reed: The Great Gypsy

By Kimberly Willis Holt

I just realized I never posted about Just Grace Goes Green which I read before spring break. I was just going to say that I liked Just Grace better than Piper Reed but they are both cute books. This book seemed to have a lot going on in it. I grabbed it thinking it might be a book to recommend to my 2nd grader. I think she would like this but the way it is written makes it hard to figure out what the real plot really was. In the end she learns a lesson about realizes how much she appreciates and loves her family but lots of things went on to get to that point. It's a cute book. (P.S. This wasn't the first book in the series so maybe I would have liked it better had I started with the first book...)

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