Tuesday, March 2, 2010

That Crumpled Paper Was Due Last Week

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That Crumpled Paper Was Due Last Week:
Helping Disorganized and Distracted Boys Succeed in School and Life

By Ana Homayoun

I saw this book at Barnes and Noble a few weeks ago and instantly visualized about four students I work with this year who might benefit from it's knowledge! I ordered it from the library right away. I really thought it was interesting, especially when she classifies different personalities that boys tend to have and how each one handles school and stress and life in general. I was sitting in bed read about Over-Scheduled Procrastinators and looked over at Chad...because that is so him! He's great guy, friendly, a natural leader, involved in lots of stuff...but sometimes too involved that he has trouble keeping things straight...and he's been known to start papers or projects the night before (believe me, I've known him since college and through his master's degree). Anyway, besides that she offers solid ideas for helping students (mainly boys) get organized and take control of their lives. So many boys lately seem like their parents are micromanaging them and it's not helping them out, or they are so overwhelmed and not sure how to get organized so they just don't even try. It's not cool, and especially not for them.

I have to say the ideas and strategies are not rocket-science by any means but it does help to read about what students were experiencing and how and why the ideas helped them and to just read about what has worked for so many kids. I've already shared this book with lots of colleagues and one student's parents and I have lots of ideas for helping my students in the future. I hope it makes a difference!

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Laraf123 said...

Well, it's happened again: you've reviewed a book I hadn't heard about but absolutely HAVE TO read right now! Are you sure that you're not on staff at B&N? Seriously, thanks for bringing this one to my attention!