Friday, March 19, 2010

A Little Bit Wicked

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A Little Bit Wicked

By Kristin Chenowith with Joni Rodgers

Can you believe I haven't really seen Kristin Chenowith in performances I don't think...I mean, I know she's been on TV but I've never seen her. I've never even seen Wicked (obviously not on Broadway, but also not the Chicago production of it either). I have seen her on a talk show and then this year on Idol. She's completely cute and her personality is very fun. I like her, I just don't know that much about her. My friend, Lara, said she read this and that you could definitely hear her voice in the writing. I figured she'd have fun stories to read about. I did actually enjoy the book and reading about what it took for her to make it big. I definitely liked the voice that book was written in, it was very personable and fun. What I didn't like was that towards the end it didn't have as many stories in it and I was getting tired of reading it...or maybe that the stories didn't seem to be chronological at the end? I couldn't be sure when things were taking place, it seemed like there was lots of jumping around and that the anecdotes didn't flow. But that's just me being picky. I did like the candidness with which it was written...she talks about her hoo-hoo for pete's sake.

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Laraf123 said...

I think I remember other reviewers saying similar things about the last third of the book. I often feel differently about the final chapters of a book but I thought that was just because I am usually rushing to finish. I seem to pace myself better when I first begin a book.

I look forward to hearing what you are reading over break!