Friday, March 19, 2010

Getting Air

Most Recently Read Book:

Getting Air

By Dan Gutman

Sheesh, I just realized how many books I have finished between yesterday and today. Lately, it seems like I've been reading so many books all at once for whatever reason and I was able to polish them all off finally. I was lucky enough to read and discuss this book with a group of students through a lit. study in a 7th grade class. It's about four kids who are on a plane when it gets hijacked and how they survive in the wild. I like the idea of it and I liked the character development...but there were some weird parts. For example, it starts raining and they are smelly so they get completely stark naked (the weird part is that it's three teen boys, one girl, a hot flight attendant, and an old-grandma-type-lady who get naked...). Weird? Yeah, one of the boys today said he it was disturbed. So I liked it, but I doubt it's gonna be winning any awards any time soon.

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