Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Trains on the Membrane

Everything with Jordan lately is all about trains. I had my laptop up in his play room over the weekend and we took some pictures of his trains using PhotoBooth. (I love not having to import pictures!)

He was so cute holding up trains for the camera. They aren't the best pictures but I love seeing his little fingers and his serious face...he was hard at work. I'm only sharing three but we took at least 23!

This is Bertie the Bus:
He wanted to show off the names on the bottom! This one is Mavis.
I'm pretty sure this one is Thomas...there are a few blue ones and I can barely tell them apart but this face looks like Thomas.
Jordan can name every single train that he has. He'll line them up and tell you all their names. When he plays at his train table he'll put trains in front of each other and say, "Hi, I'm Thomas. What's your name?" Or he'll say, "Help!" and then bring another train to help the train who is in trouble. It's so sweet. I love listening to him play with his trains.

Chad and I never thought we'd have a munchkin who would be so into Thomas, but here we are! We even get excited when we go to the store or the mall and see new trains we haven't seen or are uncommon. Sheesh.


Laraf123 said...

"Thomas" was Henry's third word. He has watched it with rapt attention since he was 12 months old. I'm glad he has this wholesome alternative to a lot of the other "characters" out there. Have you checked out the Thomas website?

Emily Jane said...

That's definitely Thomas :)

I LOVED Thomas the Tank Engine when I was a girl! (Strange child I was lol) Is he watching the show, too? The old 70s ones are priceless, I'm sure they're on YouTube!

gramma said...

I know... I am grandma, but, I can't believe how Jordie know the names of all the engines and cars and he isn't three yet. Would you please tape him tell you all the names, it will be fun to have. It's so cute.