Saturday, March 27, 2010

Danny Gokey Contest!!!

We need your help!

The school my husband teaches at has been chosen as a finalist in the "I Don't Want To Miss" video contest. There are five finalists and now the public can vote to decide who wins!!! We need your vote!

Here's the coolest part: the video with the highest number of votes wins the grand prize! Wanna know what the grand prize is???? Danny Gokey will go to their school and teach a 60-minute music class! Danny Gokey! Did your eyes pop out of your head? You all know Chad is a huge fan of Danny Gokey. Just in case, let me remind you:

The contest "people" ask that you only vote once per day...but you can vote once every day! Please feel free to share the link with friends, family, neighbors... The students worked really hard on the video and they really did a great job. It's a fun video about staying healthy so you don't miss out on exciting stuff.

Here's how to vote! Simply click on this link:

Then click VOTE or "Click here to vote" and then view:
Bannockburn School I Don't Want to Miss 2010


Laura said...

I'm on it! I'm posting about it right now! I hope BB wins!

Emily Jane said...

I'm on it too! With the WeddingBells contest I know how important it is to get votes, I'll help as much as I can :)

Julie, Charlie, Carter, Logan & Ava said...

this is great! i voted...hope they win, that'd be AMAZING!