Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Turning-Over-A-New-Leaf Tuesdays (#3 Follow Up)

Okay, here's the pic, in all it's cheesiness:
I think with the long shirt it looks okay actually. I do feel like this is turning over a new leaf for me. It makes such a difference to wear something new or cute (and OMG, comfortable!) once in a while. It does make me feel refreshed.

I'm still not sure which shoes to wear, I have black flats, or brown strappy sandals...I've decided to take both to work and switch off!!!


Stephanie said...

You look super cute! I think leggings are so cute with long shirts. It took me a while to buy into leggings as well. And skinny jeans. But this winter I finally bought a pair. But I wore them with my slouchy boots. So now that it isn't booth weather I don't think I will be able to wear my skinny jeans!

Kristi said...

I think you look cute in the leggings. If I remember I will try and post a pic when I decide to wear mine! haha if I end up leaving the house wiht them on! The main reason I want to wear them is for comfort.

Laura said...

You rock those girl. I have to admit I've not been brave enough to wear them either. You've got me thinking and wanting to be brave. hmmmm.

Kathy Lou said...

Very cute. You rocked the look.