Thursday, March 25, 2010

Food Matters

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Food Matters

By Mark Bittman

I'm so glad one of my librarians recommended this book to me when I was looking for some healthy, whole-food, vegetarian cookbooks a few weeks ago after reading Fat Cat. This book is a perfect companion to Eating Animals. I'm glad I read this one after Eating Animals. This book was easier to read for me and I think I enjoyed it more because I had the background about where our meat is coming from that allowed me to embrace the ideas in this book. This book doesn't promote or demote vegetarianism, it supports both, but it does point out that Americans in general need to eat less meat. He talks about the impact of what we are eating on our health and the environment but doesn't go into as much detail as Eating Animals. I loved that this book sets up a plan. Eating Animals sets up the stage for a life-perspective switch, but doesn't follow-through with any kind of action plan. This book does just that! Part II focuses on simple recipes. I'm not a fan of any kind of recipes that have way too many ingredients or steps and these are all super easy. He also talks about cooking larger amounts of veggies or beans or grains ahead of time to use later. I love the idea of saving time. I already made a list of ideas I'm going to try and incorporate into my life to support my new vegetarian outlook. I'll post about them in my Turning Over A New Leaf Tuesday series!

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Stephanie said...

I'm excited to read your posts about it because I am a really bad vegetarian. I will usually cook a meat for dinner for Adam and then a pasta or potato and a vegetable and then I will just eat some sort of veggie burger/sausage/chik patty thing. I never really "cook" like a vegetarian. If you find any good receipes (especially ones Chad likes) I'd love to hear about them!