Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Fat Cat

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Fat Cat

By Robin Brande

I am definitely recommending this book...I've already told lots of people about it. I miss reading Meg Cabot's books, she wrote the Princess Diaries series and has tons of other books out there with great female characters and the sweetest boy characters they fall in love with. After all the sci-fi and fantasy it seems like I've been reading lately I was in the mood for a Meg-Cabot-like book not written by Meg Cabot...and guess where I found Fat Cat? Meg recommended it on her blog. Perfect. It was a great book.

It's about Cat, an overweight girl, who decides she's going to go back to living like a cavewomen for a high school science project. The project causes a whole shift in her life and I loved reading about how amazing the changes were. It's part of the reason why I'm totally contemplating becoming a vegetarian...and at least trying to make recipes with whole foods instead of processed food. It just makes sense to me when you think of all the crazy foods we put in our bodies. The non-meat part of it comes from Fat Cat, but I've seen more and more lately about how cruelly animals are treated and I'm kind of over meat. It's weird but reading this book has made me really think more about the kinds of food I eat. We'll see...I've already been to the library to find some cookbooks with more healthy foods so I think I'll start there. I'll post what I find!

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