Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Turning-Over-A-New-Leaf Tuesdays

I'm starting a blog series!!! I have never done this before but I'm excited! If you've read my recent blog posts or tweets, you can tell I'm on a health kick lately. I'm excited by it and I'm feeling that it's worthy of sharing.

I've been on a health kick in terms of my own body and also in terms of keeping the environment healthy. Turn Over A New Leaf Tuesdays has stemmed (ha!) from my car actually. I bought a hybrid in November and have become more efficient in my driving so that I'm averaging 47 miles per gallon for every tank of gas. It's amazing. When I first started driving me car it was like a game, the monitor gave me one little, measily leaf to show how efficient I was driving. I had to try and drive more and more efficient to slowly earn more and more leaves. I remember telling Chad how motivating it was for me (albeit somewhat stressful...) and I recently made it to full leaves! It feels great.

Today I turned over a new leaf in my life...I officially have given up cow's milk and made the switch to soy milk. Technically, I bought the soy milk over the weekend at the grocery store...but today was the first day I had soy milk on my cereal. AND, it was good! I noticed the difference on my first bite, but after that it was like drinking regular milk on my cereal. That was the test, and now I'm officially a soy milk girl.

When you hear me ordering my favorite
warm drink at Starbucks you'll hear,
"Can I have a grande decaf
white chocolate mocha
with soy no whip, please?"

My goals for now are to start slowly, to make little changes, baby steps. I don't think I could survive a drastic life-switch but these little steps seem like big accomplishments to me. I'm not going to go into too much detail about why I'm switching to soy milk...I don't want to have to back up what I'm doing or make anyone feel like they need to switch, too. Please e-mail me if you are wondering more though and I'd be happy to chat! Also, please share if you've tried anything new lately...how did it go????


Emily Jane said...

Good for you for switching to soy milk! We switched to free-range eggs a little while ago and I'm trying to get David to get on the soy milk (or even rice milk, I heard that's quite nice too) eventually :) Way to go on being so motivated!!

Laura said...

Way to go on wanting to be healthy! Mike and I are working on it as well. I've been cooking with a lot of weight watcher recipes to help us eat better foods. It feels good trying to be healthier!