Sunday, March 14, 2010

Pre-Pre-Packing National Boards

I can't believe tomorrow will be March 15th. It will be our packing day with the cohort I have been working with all year while I have been working on achieving National Boards. Today was me pre-pre-packing day! I wore my teacher socks! They are upside down but you can see the chalkboards and the apples!
My parents came over to help me go through all the paperwork and get things in order. Jordy was awake, so actually my mom played with Jordy, Chad was upstairs watching my DVDs to make sure they played all the way through, and my dad sat with me and put everything in order. It actually worked out perfectly.

Can I just say that I have the best parents in the world? They came over, they brought my flowers and a card...AND Coldstone ice cream cakes! (I love Coldstone ice cream!)
Peanut butter chocolate ice cream cake
Mint chocolate chip ice cream cake
Everthing is all organized, paper-clipped, and filed in the proper envelope. Now I take everything in with me tomorrow and my cohort members will sit down and make sure I've got it all in order and everything is ready to mail! I'm so close!
After I mail in my box I have to get ready for the assessment center tests. There are 6 30-minute tests I have to take online at an assessment center. I signed up to do that on April 26th. Then I will be completely completely done...but getting this far with my box feels like a huge accomplishment already. Whee!!!!


Kathy Lou said...

It is a huge accomplishment! Good job, you should feel very proud of yourself. Now you can relax and get ready for the assessment. You are going to do very well. You are so prepared.

Laraf123 said...

How exciting! I can imagine your sense of relief and accomplishment--glad you celebrated in style!

Emily Jane said...

That is a huge accomplishment! And your socks are AMAZING :)

Erin said...

Congrats! This is such an awesome accomplishment. :)

Laura said...

I'm so proud of you! What a huge accomplishment! Way to go. I can't believe you are going to be done with it all so soon.

Stephanie said...

Congratulations. That has to feel SO good. I am amazed by you!