Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Crafty Crafty Crafty

I'm having so much fun getting projects done! I've been collecting materials and ideas for so long now and I've finally had a chance to get things done! I looooooove it!!!! Monday I whipped up two of these aprons! I used a Sewing For Dummies pattern I had bought forever ago. It really was so simple anyone could have done it. It was perfect for me because I could follow a pattern and have them turn out really cute but not have to put all that much energy into it. It's kind of hard to looks like there are jelly beans on this fabric, but it's just a small paisley print. The pattern called for pockets, but I thought it was cute without pockets. (Plus, I couldn't think of what I use the pockets for on my I didn't do pockets.)
Yesterday I started on baby booties that I'm working on. I cut out the pattern, cut the pieces out for 4 sets and now I have to put them all together...I think that's my plan for tomorrow.

Today I had to make a trip to JoAnn's to pick out fabric to line a diaper caddy have been trying to make since last August! I fell in love with a chunky green yarn I found at JoAnn's and started working on the panels way back then. I finished the knitting part up over winter break and now I sewed the fabric for a lining and put it all together. I used plastic canvas in between the outer and inner layers. I'm so happy with how it turned out! It's not perfect, but I think that's part of the charm of handmade things. I can't wait to get some newborn diapers to load this baby up. I have some extra fabric and I'm gonna try to make a diaper changing pad to match.
I'm hoping to have booty pictures to post tomorrow!


Laura said...

Yay for sewing! Your apron looks great. I don't think it needed pockets!

Can't wait to see the booty pictures.

I've been doing a lot of sewing myself, I'll do a post soon.

Laraf123 said...

What a great diaper caddy! And the apron looks great--no pockets necessary. Maybe I should have sent the boys to daycare this week--would have been more productive. Oh well, I'll just live vicariously through your projects!

Emily Jane said...

Oooh how fun! I was never good at sewing and ended up breaking my sewing machine, lol, but I do love finishing a good craft project :)

Mom said...

I really like your projects, I would like to borrow the apron pattern, it's exactly the pattern I like, and you are right it looks good without the pockets. I started a new blanket for Jordie but now this one might be to big, it's taking a lot time. I hope he'll like it, we can keep it here for him. I am glad you are having fun during your break.