Saturday, March 13, 2010

Danny Gokey!!!

If you know my husband, chances are you know he is a major Danny Gokey fan. Danny Gokey was a finalist on American Idol last season. We went and saw him in Milwaukee when he came back for his homecoming on Idol. Chad has seen him other times. We saw him on the American Idol tour...and now we got to see him at his CD release party. Chad follows Danny so closely and has been keeping track of all the appearances he has been making and all the promoting he has done for his new CD. We were super excited to see him perform songs live from his new CD.

Here he is! It was a nice small hall up in Milwaukee. There were people there but it wasn't completely smooshed. It was actually really fun.
We had to buy our CDs to get in and then we got them signed by Danny before we left! It was very fun!
I definitely recommend you go listen to his single and the CD on iTunes!!!

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Anonymous said...

Nice that you got to see Danny perform live, I have heard he is even better in person. I am a huge fan and love his new cd, it is amazing!