Saturday, November 28, 2009

Bears Lose

Last week, Chad and I went to the Bears game with our friends Chris and Nikki while Jacquie babysat for us! My parents, our regular babysitters, have been out of town for about a week and won't be back for another week yet. I miss them but it's nice to know we have other family and friends there to help us when we need it!

Since we were making the trip into the city, I asked Chad - like I always do - if we could go to Ed Debevic's. I love that place!!! I have a slight obsession with it. It's always more fun with friends so I was excited when Chris and Nikki wanted to go. Here we are in all our Bears gear! I had about 4 layers on!

Chris and Nikki sporting their Ed's hats!

We've been to the new stadium two or three times but this was my first time going up to the columns. How sweet is the background of this picture? Can you see the orb above me? There was another one in the same place but over Chad. It got cut out when I cropped the picture but it was very cool. I love old places that have least, that's what I believe.
Chris and Chad before the game. We were on our way to the pro shop and stopped to see the players warming up.
Unfortunately, the Bears lost the game. The had lots of chances and it was close in the end but we didn't win. I am going to admit that I kind of snoozed my way through the 4th quarter...maybe some of the 3rd quarter. It was cold but I was tired. It was a late night for us!

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Stephanie said...

Even if they still looks like you had a lot of fun!