Friday, November 6, 2009

I'm So Happy For You

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I'm So Happy For You

By Lucinda Rosenfeld

Doesn't this sound like a nice book...well it's not. I finished it last night and am so happy to see I'm done with it. This was our book club book for this month. It seemed okay from the description but I would not have finished it had it not been a book club book. Yuck.

This book is all about a woman named Wendy who is living her life, married, trying to have a baby, and dealing with her friend Daphne who has always been a mess until suddenly she falls in love with the right guy, gets married, gets pregnant and has a baby before Wendy. As someone who is right in the middle of baby-making age and who has tons of friends getting pregnant and trying to get pregnant, and having miscarriages, and going to doctors to get pregnant I totally understand the pregnancy thing. I think that part of this book was really real. It's hard to "try" to get pregnant. At first it's fun to be "trying" but when it doesn't happen right away it gets frustrating, and then you think about stopping, but at the same time you feel like how can you stop, you have to keep doing it. After a while it's no fun to be "trying" every other day...the love gets easily sucked out of it. Anyway, I get that part and the author did a good job at relaying the main characters feelings about not being able to get pregnant.

In general, I couldn't connect with this character because she is so catty and worrisome about everything. I feel like she should have gotten over herself and her horrible friends and realized earlier she wasn't in a good place in her life. She's not me though, everyone is different. It is interesting to think about what's important in life. Family is important, she realizes that in the end. Besides that, being true to your spouse, connecting with your spouse, talking with your spouse is important to. She didn't have to get so disconnected if she had been honest and open with him in the first place. I'm sure it will be an interesting discussion at book club this month!


Anonymous said...

How was the discussion, what did other people think?

Mrs. Vincent said...

We meet in two weeks and then I'll let you know!!! :)