Sunday, November 29, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm a little late on my Thanksgiving post but at least it hasn't been a week yet! I was up at 4:00 in the morning with my aunt getting the bird in the oven. After that we went back to sleep for a little bit and then when we woke up again we were all about getting everything else ready. It all came together pretty well actually! (The only down side was I so didn't get a shower until after we ate!) Jordan is being goofy in this picture and I'm unshowered and un-made-up!
The turkey and part of the table!
Another goofy Jordan face!
Jordan finally crawled into Jane's lap so she could help him with his Thanksgiving dinner. This was his face when he first tried the cranberries!
By now he couldn't get enough of the cranberries!
Apple-cranberry pie! Doesn't it look great!?! It was very yummy! We had pumpkin pie, also, of course! And...later, Silvia came over with strawberry shortcake that was amazing!
Happy Thanksgiving to all! We have lots of be thankful this year! So happy for our family and friends and that everyone is healthy!


fuchsiag said...

Oh wow everything looks so GOOD... can I come for Thanksgiving next year? lol :) LOVE the "not sure about cranberries.... actually LOVING the cranberries" faces :)

Kathy Lou said...

Yummy! It looks like your dinner was a big success. Good job!