Sunday, November 8, 2009

Skippyjon Jones!

We had a sunny, Skippyjon Jones Sunday! In case you don't now, Skippyjon Jones is a fun Siamese cat who is the main character of several Skippyjon Jones books. He's a cat who thinks he's a chihuahua who goes on all sorts of imaginary adventures. He's so much fun!

It was a great day today! We did Skippyjon stuff all day! Here you can see all our Skippyjon day fun ready to go!
The dining room was all decorated for Skippyjon fun!

Jordan had fun eating fun-colored jelly beans and coloring his Skippyjon pages!

The blue ones were his favorite!
Here's me trying to be all photographer-like.
Fun tissue flowery things to add to the festivity.
Hard at work.
Mmm...snacking on blue jello-o with pineapple and oranges that we made on Saturday. Jordan was all excited to eat the blue jell-o he had stirred up the day before but couldn't eat yet.
Skippyjon cake!
Jordan and I with cake!
After cake we played memory/concentration with Skippyjon cards!
Finally, it was time to go to the library to actually meet Skippyjon!!!! We listened to two Skippyjon stories and danced. Jordan and Maddy got these cool cat masks! At the very beginning, Jordan and Maddy were sitting on the floor and all the kids were silent waiting for the story to begin. Skippy was up on a giant screen and Jordan pointed, looked at me, and said, "Mom, It's Skippyjon Jones!" It was classic and super cute. I was so excited he was that happy to see him. Very fun! The whole day celebration was worth it for that moment.
Jordan and Skippyjon!!!!!!
Family photo with el Skippito Friskito!
One last hug, because we love you Skippyjon!!!!!
Whew! Chad and I have both agreed that we really like the bugs and the flowery decorations. It makes it feel fresh and springy in here...even though it's not. We like to pretend!


Kathy Lou said...

It was so sweet of you, Marc loved the ears. I had no idea you did so much.

Laura said...

Coolest parents ever. What a fun, clever idea. I'm so so so so glad you have a blog! I'm taking notes in my head of all the fun things you do so I can do them with my little darling someday. Thanks for sharing your creativity. Jordan is so lucky to have such a cool, fun parents!