Friday, November 6, 2009

Purple Heart

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Purple Heart

By Patricia McCormick

Wow. I think I have to declare this another very strongly written book by Patricia McCormick. One of my students just finished reading Sold, also by McCormick. That book is an amazingly well-written look into child prostitution and this book is also a well-written book. This book tells the story of a soldier in Iraq. Post-traumatic stress disorder, which many soldiers suffer from, is a topic I am very familiar with because my dad is a veteran of the Vietnam War. The character in the book deals the stresses of being in the middle of a war and the reader gets to be right there with him.

At the end of the book, the author acknowledges people who she talked to while writing the book and who read the book to help her make it as realistic as possible. I'm glad it is a (hopefully) an accurate view of what it might be like for the soldiers fighting in Iraq. I hope people read this book and gain some perspective. I know I did.

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rbandj said...

i think i will check this one out. one, because it comes highly recommended by and two, because i'm really interested in war type books and movies. thank you! (: