Friday, November 6, 2009

Ms. Lori

Wednesday night was mall night! Jordan and I had pretzels while we waited for Maddy and Kathy. He was eating his when he got excited and showed me, "Look, Mom, J for Jordan!" He loves finding J's now. Here's his sweet cheesy smile and his pretzel J!
We really didn't even play at the mall because we went to watch a singer/storyteller named Ms. Lori. She's from WTTW and she is on the Readers are Leaders tour right now. Maddy is a great audience member for that kind of stuff. She volunteered to help Ms. Lori write letters! Here's Maddy patiently waiting for directions!

Here's a picture of the whole setup. Ms. Lori was telling another little boy what to do. You can see Maddy at her easel on the right, and then you can see Jordan's little head on the bottom in the middle. Isn't this picture so nicely labelled? I love Photoshop!

Jordan needed to take a potty break after a few songs and then when we got back he curled up right on the gray carpet with his eehee. He can sit quietly for only so long! In no time we were off to the food court for Happy Meals. It was a fun switch to mall night!

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Stephanie said...

He is noticing his J already? That is fantastic!