Sunday, November 1, 2009

More Gokey Goodness

After all our Halloween trick-or-treating fun Chad and I jumped in the car and headed up to Milwaukee for the Milwaukee Bucks season home opener where Danny Gokey sang the national anthem and then performed at halftime.

There was a silent auction with lots of Gokey signed stuff and some other signed sports items. These were the coolest thing by far: the actual real-live glasses the Danny wore when he performed PYT on American Idol this season, and signed. How awesome are these things? We're not sure how much they went for but the bids started at $200. All proceeds, of course, went to the Sophia's Heart Foundation.
Here we are in our seats...we were a little worried because there weren't many people there (see the empty seats behind us?) but it filled up quite a bit by the time the game started.
Here's Danny, sounding awesome as usual!
Is it bad to admit that we didn't stay for the whole game? We left after halftime. It was the perfect kind of basketball game for me. I like going, and if it's exciting I love staying to watch, but we were watching the Bucks versus the Pistons and I definitely didn't have a clue as to who was who so leaving after halftime was great.