Monday, November 16, 2009

My New Car!!!

I still can't find my camera, but here's what my new car looks like:
It's a 2010 Honda Insight Ex (hybrid!!!!)!
Isn't she purty? I feel completely thankful that we were able to fit this into our budget. It is a million times easier not to have to worry about anything going wrong with my car (hopefully not!). I love that it's a hybrid, it is fun to drive and to see when I'm being "green" and energy efficient. Chad even spent most of yesterday afternoon reorganizing the garage so my car would fit. It was a lot of moving bikes and strollers and other cluttery-garage madness but finally my car fit!


Kathy Lou said...

Loving it!
I want one. I may have to be a copycat, just not this year.

Emily Jane said...

Oh my goodness! How pretty! And GREEN - congratulations!! :)

Emily Jane said...

Thanks so much for your kind words on my blog - my friend and I had a good talk about how following the "cool" bloggers is kind of pointless and you're absolutely right, it's much better to have a handful of people follow who actually care than fifty people who just want someone to comment on their own blog. :) Thanks for reading and I think some people use Google Reader to follow blogs; I don't have a Google account so I just add people I like to my blogroll on my sidebar :)

(we must exchange email addresses!)

Laura said...

How exciting! Lucky duck.