Thursday, November 5, 2009

Imagination Movers

On Sunday we took Jordan to see the Imagination Movers. They are four guys who sing and dance and solve problems with imagination...kind of Wiggles-esque but not quite as cheesy. We love their music and Jordan is always requesting it in the car...if he's not asking for Choo-Choo Soul. We went with Silvia, Rob and Alex.
Chad with Jordan (who refused to smile for a picture...) outside of the theater.
Chad and I enjoying our seats!
Jordan (again refusing to look at the camera for any pictures) watching the Movers onstage!
The Movers!
"I think what the situation needs is some imagination!"


Kelli said...

My daughter would be so jealous! She loves dancing to the movers... they are coming to our town but I don't think we will go- Ali's gotta be older to make it worth the money.
That's awesome you guys went and had a good time!
I looked up the movers once- a few (including the creator) are former teachers- go figure kids like it so much :)

Laraf123 said...

Love seeing Jordan in his balcony seat! We'll have to live vicariously through this experience. I took Henry to a live show and he hated it. He was terrified of the loud music and darkness. Who knew? We'll try again next year. I'm glad Jordan had fun on Sunday--even if he didn't smile for the camera!