Saturday, November 7, 2009

Santa 2009

Yup, we did it! Last night we went to see Santa! It was kind of crazy and I was a little bit hesitant because it's not even Thanksgiving yet, but we went to see him anyway. One great thing about going so early was that we didn't have to wait in completely freezing weather. It was nice actually. We ate at Noodles and Company, walked over to see the lights being turned on, watched the fireworks and then waited for Thomas. Chad, Marc, and Maddy waited in line while Kathy, Jordan and I walked over to check out the Vera Bradley store. I restrained myself and didn't buy anything. Go me! Jordan was great with Santa, except he was really sad when he told Santa he wanted a train but didn't actually get a train. We prepped him to be nice to Santa and to tell him what he wanted but we forgot to tell him he wasn't actually going to get what he wanted yet. Poor kid. It was sweet.

Jordan with a talking reindeer!

Maddy and the reindeer!

This cracked me up, poor Chad just wanted Jordan to be able to see and Jordan was freaked out for some reason...
Maddy with Santa Claus!
Jordan talking to Santa!
Santa and Jordan!
The Garneau family - Marc, Maddy, and Kathy!
Maddy and Jordan showing me their presents from Santa.
The Vincent family - Chad, Jordan, and Jen!


Laraf123 said...

I am a big believer in seeing Santa before Thanksgiving. Less crowds and stress! We did it that way for Henry's first Christmas. What perfect weather to be out and about yesterday! Great photos!

Good point about the telling Santa what you want and not instantly getting it. I'll have to prepare Henry.

rbandj said...

it looks like it might be a little bit cold up there! here in florida, it's still in the high 80's. absolutely ridiculous, haha. i don't even think we have santa here in november!

Laura said...

Isn't it crazy it's that time of year again? I can't believe you already went to see Santa. Where is all the time going?