Monday, October 26, 2009

Cool Book Blog AND Giveaway

I just found out that the third book in The Looking Glass Wars by Frank Beddor was recently released. Hello? Why didn't anyone tell me? Somehow I missed that it was released on the 16th. In my travels in the blog world I stumbled upon this blog: Ramblings of a Wanna Be Scribe. Sadly, I missed out on the ArchEnemy giveaway...but she just posted a shiny new giveaway starting today! I know y'all like giveaways so head on over and check her out!!! Here's the book I'm hoping to win:
Doesn't it look fantastically fantastic?


Shannon Messenger said...

Hi Jen. Thanks for the post about my contest (and for following). Sorry you missed ArchEnemy-I tried to spread the word as much as I could but the blogosphere (is that really a word?) is so huge it's hard. But it's really nice to meet you. Good luck in the contest!

Anonymous said...

Good luck! I totally added you to my blogroll today - looking forward to reading!