Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Photo Meme

I've been tagged! I don't think I've ever been tagged on a blog before. This is fun!

A Meme, in case you didn't know...I didn't! I had to look it up! basically a infectious idea. At least that's what one website said. So I've been tagged to do a photo meme, and this one in particular works like this:

1. Open my first photo folder.
2. Find the 10th picture.
3. Post the picture and the story behind it.

And here's my photo! I've had my laptop since January...but Chad uploaded some pictures from our old computer so that's the first folder of pictures. I'm lucky because I was only a few pictures away from posting a picture of me with Lovie Smith or Chad with Rex Grossman. Luckily, this is number 10! It's Chad and me at a hockey game down in Bloomington when we went to go visit our friends Emily and Derek. You can see Derek off to the left next to Chad. It's such a weird angle, but it's cute. We stayed the weekend with Derek and Emily with our other friends, April and Tom. It was a crazy, fun weekend of hanging out with college friends!!!

And now I have to tag some people to play along! I hope you do!!!


rbandj said...

i did it! thank you for including me!

Laura said...

Yay! Thanks for the tag. I'm going to do it right now! I love the picture that worked of you and Chad. What a great memory.

Stephanie said...

Cute! I'm glad you played along!

Kathy Lou said...

I can't do it. I opened iPhoto and the picture was from the trip for my mom's memorial service. Sniff. Sorry to ruin it.