Sunday, October 25, 2009

Painting Pinecones!

Yesterday morning, Jordan woke up and basically said he wanted to paint as soon as he was out of bed. We got the paints from the easel and set ourselves up at the dining room table. What were we painting...pinecones! This is one of my favorite things to paint. Last year we painted pinecones and made them all glittery. Jordan had a few pinecones that he brought home from Patty's house so we painted those. He's a happy painter. Cheese!
I love that Jordan just mixes all the colors. I had to come to terms with that because I'm so not a carefree color-mixer but he is. We just keep loading more and more colors on the paint and he just puts his brush into all of them. It works!
He was even rolling his pinecone in the paint. Can you see his little pinky sticking up? So cute!
A close up of Jordan's masterpiece. I made one too but mine had more pink on it...he made sure I put pink on the plate for me because he knows I love pink.
After the pinecones were all painted we went for our hands! He loves to paint his hands and make his handprint! Messy!


Nikki said...

He is just too cute! We used to do that with glitter in grade school and made ornaments for the Christmas tree for our families. They made great gifts (well when I was 8 lol)

Stephanie said...

Very cute! You are such a good mom! Jordan is a lucky boy!

mom said...

So cute! You and Jordan have so much fun together. He will always remember that, the pictures are great.