Thursday, October 22, 2009

Whatever Happened To Janie?

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Whatever Happened to Janie?

By Caroline B. Cooney

After the cliffhanger ending to the first book in this series: The Face on the Milk Carton I just had to get this book, the sequel. And guess what? It goes on! So now I'll have to get the next book. I wasn't sure I would enjoy the first book but I did and I liked this one also. I think I liked the first one better but this one was also good. In the first book, Janie Johnson realizes she was abducted as a child. The girl who abducted her took Janie to her own parents and told her parents it was her daughter. Naturally, the parents took in the little girl as their granddaughter and raised her but had no idea the little girl's own family was looking for her and mourning her loss. In this book we get to see what happens after she reconnects with her biological family. As a mother it was really hard to read and think about what all the family members were going through. I like that these books have really had me thinking.

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Genideve said...

I loved the first book,it was really heard to put down once I started to read it.Now imma redad the nd one i hope its just as good.