Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fort-ly Fun!

Jordan was hiding under his blankie (Eehee) this morning and wanted me to hide with him. It's so fun to be under a blankie playing with trains and talking in hushed voices and I realized we needed to build a fort! We've never really built a fort so it was about time we broke out the bedsheet. Chad brought down some pop-up tents we had in the closet upstairs. It was a party!Jordan played with his trains in all the little compartments and had fun switching them from one room to another.

He lined up all his trains for me and named them all for me. Diesel is his favorite - he's the black one on the far right.
I snapped this picture when Jordan laid down and pretended to sleep in the fort!
Pirate Jordan! Aargh!
Mr. Fuzz, of course, had eehee with him inside the tent.
We had a caramel popcorn treat after he went potty. Here's Jordan being his goofy self. I love the faces this kid makes!
Who's knocking on my fort door? This is my popcorn...
Here's what I got when I asked him to give me a nice smile! I was so happy to get one, isn't he sweet? I think this is the beginning of the little-kid kind of smiles that are sweet smiles, but just aren't officially a real genuine smile you get from him when you tickly his tickly spot or tell him we're going to play trains at Papa's house, but it's still a smile, and I love it just the same.


Laura said...

I loved making forts as a kid! I have so many fun memories playing in forts. Jordan is so lucky to have a mom so wiling to get on the floor, be creative and play with him!

Nikki said...

He is just too adorable. I LOVED making forts when I was a kid. Infact, I'm pretty sure I would still love to make a fort now I just wouldn't want to clean it up!