Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Miss Stephanie's Pumpkin Patch!

On Monday I took Jordan down to Miss Stephanie's pumpkin patch! It was pretty cold and overcast...but it wasn't raining! Jordan was excited to see the red barn and to look at all the pumpkins. There were lots of great, big pumpkins!
They were all different colors, lots were green because it's been so gloomy lately. Honestly though, I think they look cool being green. We picked a nice, fat, round one that is green with some orange (I'll post a picture later). There were lots to choose from!
Here's Jordan with all the pumpkins!
Mom and Jordan!
We walked out in the actual pumpkin patch. Most of the pumpkins had already been picked but there were a few little pumpkins out there. Jordan found a white one that he picked off the vine himself.
He was so proud of himself! When Stephanie asked him, "How does that pumpkin feel?" He answered, "Good!"
Here is another view of the pumpkins!
Jordan even got to ride and drive the tractor! He thought that was really cool!
They went around in a circle and then came back!
Jordan driving!
Thank you Miss Stephanie for letting us come pick out some pumpkins! Our house is getting more and more festive. I'm a little loony when it comes to pumpkins though, I just want more and more. I'm sure we'll add even more pumpkins before Halloween rolls around!


Stephanie said...

I enjoyed you guys coming over so much! Jordan cracked me up. I was also trying to remember his line about the gourds. He said, "This is my favorite one." and then he said, "It really is!" or something hilarious like that. He was so fun and I hope he enjoyed himself!

Kathy Lou said...

So cute! Look how bundled up you are!