Saturday, October 10, 2009

More Diego!

I was on a roll last night so I just kept working on the vest and I actually finished it! Since we dismantled the craft room and my little sewing station, the sewing machine has been in the garage so once I had it out last night I figured it was a good idea to just get as far as I could. Here's the pattern I used:
Here's my lovely machine! It's a horse and I love that it's been around forever. It's a classic.
Here's where I started, the pockets came first.
I have learned the ironing is one of the most important parts of sewing. Weird, but so true.
This is a pretty picture except for my fabric is not supposed to be all gathered! Oops!
Here comes Mr. Jack the Seam Ripper
I'm not sure if this was before or after I figured out the armholes. I never new armholes had the capability of being buttholes because these things were hard! I think it was because I was sewing around in a circle and the circle was so small...and that I had to do it three times. How could you not mess up? It's crazy how one little mistake can get me all flustered and then before I know I've made a slew of mistakes in a row. It's worth it in sewing to make sure it's all connected right and it's all gonna turn out the way you want before you officially sew.
Here's the Diego vest! Of course, it still needs the patch! I thought I was going to put it on the pocket, but then I realized I can put it on the left side and that Diego doesn't actually have his patch on a pocket, so it's perfect! I can't wait!
Now, for anyone that thinks I've got it all together and I even have time to make my son's Halloween costume...let me just shed some light as to the state of the house: This my friends is a picture of the playroom. I'm really good at letting it sit like this while I have fun sewing. I'm pretty sure the bed wasn't made either.
That was all last night! Of course, the best part was showing the vest to Jordan this morning and him saying he doesn't want to be Diego for Halloween. I kept my cool and just said how cool Diego is and how cool Jordan is gonna be as Diego and how we'll have to spike his hair and of course we need to get him a rescue pack and maybe even a baby cheetah to carry around...and I think he forgot about not wanting to be Diego. Sheesh!


Julie, Charlie, Carter & Logan said...

so funny! "i don't wanna be diego!" like a dagger in your heart!

Kathy Lou said...

Your sewing and my sewing follow very similar paths. :-)
Jack the Seam Ripper. hehehe. I hate Jack.
Maddy has said several times she doesn't want to be a princess anymore, but I don't think she means it.
The vest looks AWESOME!
You get a gold star.

Laura said...

WOW! It looks so awesome. I'm seriously so impressed with your skills.