Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sice of Life #7 - Thing 1 and Thing 2

The Slice of Life Challenge is hosted by Two Writing Teachers.

Since I'm on a crafty roll, I might as well talk about a craft we did last night. I don't do that much artwork with my kids but it was a blast! I need to do more. Jordan finished his homework and then did some coloring and then I went to see if we had any paint for hand prints - and we did! We happened to have the exact colors I needed.
 In our house, when we do messy projects, the boys take off their shirts. It's much easier that way because everything can just wash off! I didn't expect Danny to get paint on his chest but he was trying to ask for more paint and when he asks for more he signs "please". The sign for please is putting your hand on your chest and making a circular motion but he just puts both hands on his chest. You can kind of see the paint on his chest!
 We did each of the boys hand in blue and red.
 After it dried, I painted on white circles...can you guess what we made yet?
 Thing 1 and Thing 2! I cut them out and now I'm going to try and frame them...I'll have to create some kind of background for them. I love doing handprint art because it's fun and it's art but it's also a memory of the size of my kids hands. How small they are now and how big they are going to grow.
I love my boys and the brothers they are to each other. They sit together and watch TV. They give each other a hug before bed. Jordan watches out for Danny and will take him his milk or a snack. It's really sweet. I'm so excited to watch them grow up. My little Thing 1 and Thing 2.

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