Sunday, March 4, 2012

Slice of Life #4 - Are You Here to Party?

This is part of the Slice of Life Challenge hosted by the Two Writing Teachers.

I love to have fun. I realized this about myself in the fall. It is really rare for someone to suggest something to me and for me to say no. Since I'm a North, I'm usually game for anything. I don't ask too many questions - if it sounds fun, I'm in. Actually, if it doesn't even sound fun but sounds different, I'm still in because I know I'll be doing and learning something new. 

It astounds me when I ask someone to do something and they say no. It always catches me off guard. No? My brain is wired to think that any new experience sounds exciting. (Besides, if someone is asking me to do something with them, I think it's polite to want to spend time with them.) I'm also an optimist, so I tend to take any new experience and find the good in it. It makes it much easier to agree to things. If I do say no, it's usually because of my kids/family, money, or proximity to me. We almost drove two and a half hours to a concert in Wisconsin last weekend...but then we didn't because it really was just too far. (My first answer was yes though before we thought it over.)

What I love the most about Chad is that he's usually game for new things, too. I think he can be a little more hesitant to say yes to things than I am, but at the same time, he's always looking for new things to do. He is constantly finding cool things for us to do with our kids. He finds the most random things to do but we have fun and our kids are always experiencing new things.

For Valentine's Day, Jordan made 
a heart-shaped pizza at a local grocery store!
Back in October, I shared the music video for Luke Bryan's song If You Ain't Here to Party. Almost six months later, I still love that song. It really does feel like my anthem. I found and pinned this to one of my boards on Pinterest this week:
It reminds me of the quote from Arthur Ashe, "Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome." That's how I see life. When it comes down to it, if I look back at my life and have had fun and enjoyed myself along the way, then I will know I was a success. It doesn't matter what I accomplish or where I find myself as long as I had a blast getting there.

How about it, want to come along for the ride!? The more the merrier!

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CBethM said...

Love the post! Love the attitude! But you're making me think...why do I say no as often as I do?
The requests that most often get a no would be cold weather activities: "Do you want to go hike?" "Do you want to make a snowman?" "Do you want you go to HersheyPark to see the Christmas lights?"
I hate to be cold. I'll run out and get pictures. I'll stand inside and watch from the picture window with a nice cup of coffee. I let B and his dad bond that way. I'm game for just about anything I guess I just have set one limitation. Maybe it's good we don't live somewhere that it's cold more often!