Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Slice of Life #21 - Disney with a 1-Year-Old

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The next time we visited Disney was when Jordan was 14-months-old. We were going to Florida to visit Chad’s family and celebrate his grandmother’s birthday. It was a big celebration. I convinced Chad that since we would be flying all the way to Florida, we might as well also go to Disney while we were down there.

This time we flew into a small Orlando airport, rented a car and drove all the way to Tampa. After a few wonderful days with his family, we dropped my in-laws off at the small Orlando airport and made our way to Disney World! This time we stayed at Pop Century. It has a sort of retro feel to it. There was one night we took Jordan and did the Hustle in the lobby. Every night the workers stop what they are doing and do the hustle. It’s so silly but fun.

Jordan has always been a kiddo who gets up early so we would get up, get ready, eat downstairs in the hotel food court and then be one of the first people on the bus. This was the first (and only time so far) that we did the dining plan. I’m not sure it will ever make sense for us to do it again, but it did on this trip. You can see my post at all the fun places we have eaten at Disney. I loved having the food plan.

Our very first day at Disney, we took Jordan to the Magic Kingdom. We got there, went through the gates, and then waited with the crowd as the train came in and Mickey and his friends did their little song and dance show. After that we strapped Jordan back into the stroller and made our way into the park and down Main Street. When we got to the castle, we looked in at Jordan and he was asleep! That kind of threw our plans for a loop because we couldn’t take him on anything. Instead, we headed towards Pirates of the Carribbean because it was closed for repair the last time we had been there. I sent Chad on the ride with no lines while I waited with our sleeping prince.

On that trip, since we had Jordan and wanted him to be able to get out and play instead of being in the stroller or being held all day, we looked for lots of places where we could let him run around. There was a great Winnie the Pooh park at Magic Kingdom where they could play and a splash park in Fantasy Land by Mickey and Minnie’s house. There was also a splash pad near Ariel’s Grotto. Chad kept Jordan entertained in the heat while I waited to meet Ariel. We did a few shows and took turns on some rides. The highlight really was going to our fun meals. Jordan was a great kiddo…except for the bus rides. He would get a little antsy and crazy on the bus rides. It was nice that he didn’t have to be bukled in, but he really wanted to get down and walk around on the rides and that was hard to deal with.

When Jordan met Mickey for the first time, it was priceless. He was barely talking so he would call Mickey Mo Mo. When it was our turn to go up to meet Mickey, Jordan leaned in and gave him a kiss on the nose. He was calling out Mo Mo! It was extremely cute. I know he won’t remember that moment but it was so precious for me.

It was a little bit tricky that it was just the two of us with Jordan because he couldn’t go on all the rides. We would end up taking turns or looking for things that Jordan could do. It wasn’t bad but it was a very different kind of trip because of that.

Friday was our last day at Disney. We had an amazing breakfast at the Polynesian with Lilo and Stitch. Stitch was so funny. Their pineapple bread was so good. With our leis on, we rode the monorail to Magic Kingdom. We were there for an early entry day so there weren’t very many people at the park. We made our way back to Fantasyland and rode the Dumbo ride, Snow White, Winnie the Pooh, and Peter Pan without any wait. Jordan was having a blast. That little part of the Magic Kingdom is my favorite part because it’s perfect for the teeny tiny kids. The rides are great. It was a gorgeous morning that day and full of memories I will never forget.

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