Friday, March 2, 2012

Slice of Life #2 - More Choo Choo

This is part of the Slice of Life Challenge hosted by the Two Writing Teachers.

Yesterday I wrote about how fast time has gone with Jordan. It seems like I have blinked and he's almost five! He's going to kindergarten in the fall. It's crazy. Tonight, I was reading books with Danny before bed and then I held him and was singing to him and he is a boy. He really can't be called my baby anymore because he is a boy now. Both of my boys have gotten so big. Today he is 20 months old. He'll be two in July. He does still have sweet little toes. (I love those piggies.)
Lately, he has been talking so much. For the longest time he has called Jordan Brubby because he was trying to say brother but couldn't. Then last week he actually called him Jordan. It doesn't really sound like Jordan exactly, but if you are me, Mom, you can hear what he is saying. He is in love with trains. We have a train table and lots of the Thomas trains and he loves to come up and ask, "Who's this?"  It's starting to get a bit crazy. In the morning when he wakes up, he says, "Mama, choo choo, Gordon, Percy. choo choo!" He can't get the words out fast enough. He just wants to play with trains. Or he'll ask for choo choo movies and choo choo apps and the choo choo song.  

I take requests at bedtime. Last night he wanted me to sing the choo choo song. I started, "They're two, they're four, they're six, they're eight, shunting trucks and hauling freight..." I have no idea if I sing the words right or not. (Probably not...but I get the tune right at least...) I was in the middle of the last part, "Thomas and..." when Danny cut me off before I could even finish, telling me, "More, more choo choo." Of course, I had to sing it again. After 5 times through, he just said, "More." I took that as a chance to sing a different song. I started Twinkle, Twinkle. That boy turned around in my lap so fast and demanded, "No, more choo choo, more choo choo!" I kid you not, I could hear in his voice how appalled he was that I had tried to switch songs. What was I thinking?

There could be worse things than trains. Sometimes listening to Thomas argue with Spencer or the Diesels really  busts my buffers and make me cross but for the most part I like them. They are really useful engines after all. 

Someday we'll pack up the train table and all the trains and save them for grandkids (those trains are expensive but at least they are nice toys that don't break and are worth keeping). For now, I'm happy to let my Danny have fun and come running to tell me the name of a train with his bright blue eyes sparkling. Even if he's told me ten times already in the last five minutes. I'll do it happily and love it because it makes him happy and that's what matters. 


Nanc said...

It is so funny how they pick their passion early. With my Buddy Jeff (now 25) it was anything with wheels. Back then we didn't have so many great non-fiction really I think I could have taught him to read with car dealer magazines. I love hearing about your boys.

Lee Ann Spillane: said...

Sweet, sweet memories. Your piece brought to mind my own precious son. We just packed up the train table at our house. My boy is ten and it was time, but how sad was I to see it go.