Saturday, March 17, 2012

Slice of Life #17 - Tusker House at Animal Kingdom

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It was fun to list all the awesome places we have eaten at in Disney World. I'm trying to think of which one of those experiences would be my favorite...and I think I would choose Tusker House at Animal Kingdom. I love Animal Kingdom. The plants and look of the park is just absolutely beautiful. There is vegetation everywhere. We have eaten the breakfast buffet three times at Animal Kingdom. The first time we went, Chad and I were on our first trip and we got into the park early because we had 8:05 reservations. We ate and then followed a cast member with a rope right to Everest, the roller coaster in Animal Kingdom. We were given access to the Fast Pass line right away and were the first people on the ride. It was awesome. I love little doing little sneaky things like that and beating the crowd at Disney.

Since then, they have moved where the breakfast is held so the last two times we have gone, we have eaten at Tusker House. This is another bonus! Tusker House is right next to the safari ride. We eat and then go over when the park opens and get on the safari when it's still cool or get FastPasses for later.

Tusker House has a great breakfast. It includes really unique (to me) dishes that I would never eat. We were barely sitting down when the chef came up to me and asked about the vegan option I mentioned when I made the reservation. He walked me around the buffet and explained what foods I could eat and then said he would make me something special with veggies and tofu. I was excited that there were lots of dishes for me.

While we ate, the characters all came around and talked to the kids, took pictures with them, and signed their autograph books. They do a parade and the kids dance with instruments. It's so much fun. The kids are entertained so it makes sitting and eating and enjoying the meal so much easier. All of a sudden there was a huge plate of veggies and tofu set before me. It was so good. I loved it. Sometimes I go out to eat and can get a nice meal, other times, I just eat a salad or a side of veggies or something else we hodge podge together. My meal at Tusker House was awesome though. The chef even brought out a few packs of vegan chocolate chip cookies for me to take on the road. It was great.

I love the food and how nice and accommodating Tusker House is. I wish everywhere was as wonderful as they are. I can't wait to go back!!!! I recommend it to anyone. (And make that earl reservation so you can get into the park before it opens to everyone else (even though nothing is open, it's cool!).)

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