Thursday, March 22, 2012

Slice of Life #22 - Disney Envy

The Slice of Life Challenge is hosted by Two Writing Teachers.

I don't get envious or let myself get envious of much in life because I am super grateful for everything in my life...I just get a teensy bit jealous when I hear about people who are going to Disney though.

It's not even that I get jealous, I just start thinking of how much I love Disney (obviously a lot) and then I start dreaming of going myself and then I really want to go. I love when people go because usually I get to talk to them about it. Usually, I'm more of the fanatic than they are, but that's okay. 

I have a colleague who is going to Disney over spring break and then just found out another is going over the summer. I can feel this as the true beginning of a mega-itch to go to Disney. This is kind of how it goes. We go to Disney, I love it, we leave, I'm sad, and then we kind of decide on when we want to go back and I tell myself I can make it until then. And then little by little, I hear about people who are going and I get all excited for them but eventually I start really wanting to go. And then I tell Chad who I know that is going and how much I love Disney. Even Jordan will talk about Disney now so it's really not only me. And we'll keep talking about it until finally we decide we're going to go officially and then I go into crazy planning mode.  

My family may not love me in crazy planning mode but it's fun for me. I love looking at the hotels, calling to make reservations, deciding which parks we'll go to which days, planning dining reservations. I just love it. 

Anyone else planning a Disney trip soon? I'd love to hear about it!

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