Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Slice of Life #14 - DISNEY!

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I read a Slice yesterday about someone listening to the Disney Pandora station...and I realized, that's what I can write about! I can totally write about Disney! I could write all day about Disney World! Seriously, I love the place. There are endless reasons why I love Disney World. Basically, every time we decide to go I get uber excited and read everything I can about Disney and make plans and spreadsheets and charts and it's a lot of fun. (Not for everyone, but for me. Chad usually doesn't get excited until a few days before we leave...when he starts asking questions and I have to tell him I have it all planned already and it's too late to make requests since he hasn't wanted to talk about it the whole time...) Then we go and we have a lot of fun and it's stressful and tiring but it's still fun. And then we leave, and I cry and I cry and I cry because I love Disney World. And then I dream of going back until I bug Chad enough that he says, "Okay, let's go." And the I can start planning all over again!

I realized when we were there last summer that Disney World is like The Island from the TV show Lost for me. Those crazy people couldn't wait to get off the island that was so weird and spooky but once they were off the island...all they wanted to do was get back! That's how I am with Disney World. I leave and I dream of how awesome it was while I was there and all the magical moments and I just want to get back there. Am I crazy? I know there are other Disney people so I can't be completely alone...on the overboard spectrum - fine - but not alone. 

Maybe I haven't been on enough vacations that aren't to Disney World to know that I might pine for other vacations in the same way. We did just go on a cruise recently. It was fun but it didn't compare to Disney World. I love the colors and the kind people and seeing all my favorite attractions and hugging Mickey. I don't think I could love any vacation more. 

I found something to write about!!!! I could seriously keep writing and writing but I'm going to stop here and save my gazillion other Disney thoughts for other posts. But I want to know, are you a Disney fan or not? I have a friend who had a yucky experience because they went when it was super hot and with a big group that was overall cranky. I understand that not everyone loves Disney with the same vigor as I do. What about you? Yay or nay to Disney World?

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